Sparebanken Sør has a long tradition as a responsible social actor and has participated in developing our local communities in our region for generations. The work with sustainability is a natural extention of the part our bank has beein playing through soon to be 200 years.

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Sustainability and social responsibility, also known as ESG (environmental, social, governance), is about the environment, social concerns, and corporate governance. To Sparebanken Sør, sustainable development involves contributing to a positive development within environmental and climate issues, social relations and corporate governance, and to take care of the bank's corporate social responsibility in our local communities.  

Sustainability library

Here's an overview of all our reports regarding sustainability, including GRI Index and Sustainability Fact Book.

Initiatives we stand by

We support the following initiatives within sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Community responsibilities

In Sparebanken Sør we take our social responsibilities very seriously.

Norwegian Transparency Act

The Transparency Act shall ensure access to information about how enterprises address adverse impact on human rights and working conditions.

Green & Sustainability Bond Framework


Here are the ratings for Sparebanken Sør.

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Equality and diversity

In spring 2018, Sparebanken Sør was the first Norwegian bank to be certified in the fields of equality and diversity.