Sparebanken Sør and Sparebanken Pluss merged 1. January 2014, and with that, our bank's history goes back to the year 1824 when Christianssands Sparebank was established as one of the first banks in Norway. Arendals Sparebank was established in 1825, also as one of the first banks in Norway. These two banks laid the foundation for Norway's fifth largest bank in 2014 - Sparebanken Sør.

About Sparebanken Pluss

More about Sparebanken Pluss' history will be here shortly.

About Sparebanken Sør

Sparebanken Sør was established in 1984, after a merger between Aust-Agder Sparebank, two other savings banks in Aust-Agder and nine in Vest-Agder. Since then, the bank has merged with savings banks in Telemark, and even opened branches in Grenland, the most populous part of Telemark.

Our main market is located in the counties of Aust-Agder, Vest-Agder and Telemark with a total population of 450,000 inhabitants. There are 30 branches in this district serving the customers. Our internet and mobile banking services are among the most modern in Norway.

Sparebanken Sør is an independent savings bank with total assets of BNOK 42.8, equity tier 1 capital of BNOK 3.0 and 312.2 man-years as of 30. September 2012.

Our main products are savings, loans and domestic and international payment services. In cooperation with other savings banks we own companies for insurance, securities and leasing/ factoring, and we are selling their products.

We have supported businesses and people in the region to realize their dreams for 187 years, thus influencing the local history and development. As an independent savings bank close to our customers and with local decision-making, we aim to be the most important and best bank for the counties of Agder and Telemark.

Regulator: The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet)

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