Sparebanken Sør Boligkreditt AS

Sparebanken Sør offers a wide range of products to private and corporate customers in the southern part of Norway. Sparebanken Sør Boligkreditt AS is fully owned by Sparebanken Sør.

Loans consist of mortgages issued by Sparebanken Sør, and they meet the demands the bank has to such loans. One of the main requirements is that outstanding loan balance on each loan cannot exceed 75 % of the market value of the property mortgaged.

Sparebanken Sør is a local bank with a strong root in the community, and we offer a variety of products for private and business customers in our region. Mortgages are the most important products we offer. Secure mortgages are the basis of the bond issues from Sparebanken Sør Boligkreditt AS. Bond issues with priority allows Sparebanken Sør to offer mortgages with competitive terms to our customers.

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