We are updating the information about our customers

We have contacted our customers regarding updating some information required by law. Here is some more information explaining why we do this and what you need to do. 

Why we ask questions

The authorities require all Norwegian banks to update their customer information, in addition to re-establish customer identities. It is important to us to protect your financial interests. This means, among other things, to protect you from ID theft, attempted fraud and other forms of financial crime. It is part of our corporate social responsibility. 

These are the questions we ask

The questions we ask are meant to secure that all the information we have on you is correct and updated. We ask, for instance, about how you are going to use our bank, where your money comes from, citizenship and country of birth. We ask these questions to all our customers regularily as long as you are our customers. 

We'll contact customers because we need to update some information about ID. 

We'll contact you in several ways

We may contact you by phone, letter, e-mail, SMS or as a message in your online bank or mobile bank. 

All information about you is kept confidential in accordance with the bank secrecy rules, and the information will not be used for other purposes like marketing. 

When you answer our questions, you are helping us in this important work. We hope you understand, and that you will contribute to this process. 

If you have any questions regarding this, or if you are in doubt as to whether or not you have been contacted by Sparebanken Sør, please contact us by e-mail. Remember to explain in detail exactly what the inquiry is about:

For private customers:
For company customers: