Organization and business activity

Sparebanken Sør is a regional savings bank. The business model is an integrated value chain, which includes development, production and mediation of financial products and services.  

Distribution of products through ownership companies and partners is an important part of the business model. Sparebanken Sør serves its customers through a combination of sales offices and digital solutions. Digitalization and analytical approach affect the activities throughout the value chain.

The board

The board has the superior responsibility, including approval of superior governance documents.

ESG committee

The ESG committee is the board’s own committee that processes and prepares cases for the board.


The CEO is responsible for implementing strategies, routines and work with the Transparency Act.

Executive management

The executive management by Sustainability is responsible for coordinating the work with the Transparency Act, including the framework, reporting, updating web pages, as well as coordinating the information work related to requests.

Divisions line and staff

Divisions line and staff, with ownership of supplier agreements, are responsible for the operative execution and follow-up of due diligence assessments.

The executive management by HR is responsible for the operative execution and due diligence assessment follow-up of employment rights and human rights in regard to internal affairs.

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