A guide to international payments

When making a payment to another country, it’s important that you give correct information.

You can choose English instead of Norwegian as your language on the log in page to your online bank. 

If you have our mobile app "mobilbank", you will get the English version of the app if you have set your mobile on English as the preferred language.  

Here‘s a guide that explains every field in the Norwegian form “Betale utlandet” in our internet bank (nettbank).

Guide to international payments
Field in nettbank Explanation
Fra From your account. Choose the correct account, be particularly careful if you are using the wheel on your mouse. Disponibelt beløp means amount available.
Til konto (IBAN)

To account. IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is obligatory when you transfer money to countries in the EU/EEA. You will normally find the IBAN on the invoice or letter from the payee. View a list of IBAN and other important information regarding different countries on this page.

Please contact the payee if IBAN is missing. The payee may receive their IBAN from their bank.

Mottakerbankens land

Recipient's country. Choose the country where the recipient bank is located.

Valuta Type of currency. When you choose another currency than NOK, the system generates a temporary equivalent amount in NOK below. Be aware that the rate of exchange used when calculating is not the final rate.
Sum Amount. Put in the amount you want to transfer.
Valuta beløpet skal overføres i The currency that the amount shall be transferred in - choose your currency from the list. If your payment is to be transferred in another currency than the one chosen in Valuta, register this here. Sparebanken Sør might sometimes calculate into another currency if this is to your advantage.
Forfallsdato Due date. Use this form: DDMM. For due dates more than 12 months ahead, put in the year as well: DDMMYYYY.
Melding til mottaker Message to the recipient.
Tilleggstjenester Additional services.
Prioritet Priority – normal or urgent payment.
Normal: Normal payments. 3-4 banking days to EEA countries.
The transfer time might be longer for some Asian, African and South-American countries – maximum 10 banking days. 
SEPA: Urgent payments. 1-2 banking days.
Please contact the bank for detailed information.

See our price list regarding fees for urgent payments (SEPO). The payee’s account will normally be credited within 1 banking day after the recipient bank has received the amount. 
Gebyrer for transaksjonen betales av 

Fees regarding the transaction will be paid by.
When a payment is transferred between two countries, there are normally costs to be paid in both your bank and the receiving bank, and sometimes in intermediary banks. You have to select who will pay the money transfer costs in the field ”Gebyrer for transaksjonen betales av”. If this is not specified in your agreement with the payee, we recommend that you select "Begge" (both). See our price list.

The other options translate as follows:
Avsender  = Remitter
Mottaker = Recipient  

Send betalingsbekreftelse samme dag

Send confirmation of payment on the same day. If you would like the bank to send a confirmation in English to either the recipient, you or anyone else, state your fax number or e-mail address.  See our price list. (Note that we issue a full debit statement which is available in your online bank the following day.)

Informasjon om mottakers bank

Information about the payee's bank.


BIC/SWIFT code. BIC (Bank Indentifier Code) is used to identify banks in the SWIFT system (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). BIC consists of 8 or 11 characters and is mandatory for payments to a number of countries, and always when IBAN is used. Only the SWIFT/BIC of the recipient bank must be given. Search for BIC/SWIFT here.


Payments to banks that use IBAN numbers: Then the information about the recipient bank will appear automatically. If you are paying to a country that does not have IBAN numbers, the bank's BIC/SWIFT must be filled in. Then the bank's name and address will automatically appear.


Bank code. A bank code consists of digits and is used to identify the recipient bank in national clearing systems. The bank code must not be filled in when you are using an IBAN account number.

To the USA, you must register FW + Routing Number/ABA, 9 digits (example: FW999999999).

To Canada, you must register CC + Routing Number/ABA, 9 digits (example: CC999999999).

To South-Africa, you must register ZA + Routing Number/ABA, 6 digits (example: ZA999999).

To Australia, you must register AU + Routing Number/ABA, 6 digits (example: AU999999).

More about bank codes here.

Informasjon om mottaker

Information about the recipient.

Navn = Name
Mottakers adresse = Recipient's address
Postnummer = Postal code
Poststed = City/area
Land = Country

You must fill in name and address. If you don't have all the information, or if this is not relevant to your payment, you can write a "." (point) in these fields to procede. It is imnportant that the name you give as recipient is equivalent to the name registered in the recipient bank.

Oppdater opplysninger i mottakerlisten

Update the information in the recipient register.



Please check all your information before you click on the pay-button. 

Betal Pay. 
Forrige steg Previous step.

Melding blir sendt som e-post til nettredaksjonen